sun one system

Deliver Consistent PIP and PEEP with Every Breath

Pre-set PIP and PEEP settings.

The clinician can pre-set PIP and PEEP prior to use for faster resuscitation; this can help minimize precious seconds lost during readjustment.

Help prevent over-pressurization of babies’ fragile lungs.

The color-coded integrated pressure manometer combined with the PIP and PEEP adjustments helps clinicians deliver the appropriate pressure.

Complete device; ready to use.

The SafeT can provide both CPAP and manual ventilation during emergencies. This enables clinicians to respond more quickly to apenea, bradycardic episodes and other respiratory emergencies. SafeT is easy to set up and prepare for immediate use without the need for additional resuscitation devices.

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Additional Features

  • Includes a cushioned face mask for proper sealing during mask ventilation
  • Easy-to-read controller and manometer dials
  • Universal red Fits-All O2 tubing connector allows easy connection in lieu of Christmas tree and visualization of proper oxygen connection
  • Lightweight and portable
  • 18” Expandable circuit tubing
  • 7’ O2 tubing
  • Easy to set up with clear instructions